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De Luxe Catering "La Dogaressa"


LA DOGARESSA trademark is one of the most well known in the Venice catering business. Leaded by Luigino Cassan, the Company has inherited the art of a long Venetian tradition of caterers , passed down to the present generation.

La Dogaressa has learnt by its own experience of faithful entrepreneurship, showing a referenced role in the services that most of the bridegrooms prefer for their marriage : the catering. The food production and the flexible operative teams have become more and more complete and predictive to respond to the most exigent needs of the modern wedding planning.


Luigino Cassan actually is employing more then 8 permanent teams in two different production sites where all the products are supervisioned by the severe attention of the professional cooks to guarantee and offer the high quality of the wedding menues.


La Dogaressa staff takes care of every detail which makes the difference, from the choice of the venue to the offer of sumptuous menu, from the “mise en place” to the floreal decorations. We assist you with the exhaustive choice of tableware, flatware, services, and of course the menu! For the wedding cake - the Italians prefer a cake that is delicious to eat, rather than excessivly decoarative. But we are able to meet your needs, given your preferences and choices.


In many years of de luxe catering services, La Dogaressa has served the most diverse events. Wedding receptions, Carnival parties, private celebrations, and social, scientific, and political conferences. The unreachable hospitality fame of Venice has permitted to La Dogaressa to raise the level of its standards during congresses, conventions, conferences, meetings, business events, exhibitions and cultural venues, great international summits, private celebrations and public ceremonies.


Highly qualified staff, efficient organization capable to organize a wide range of receptions in any Venetian location, superb ingredients and receipts , skilled artisan workship, and elegant presentation demonstrate the continuous efforts that La Dogaressa is profusing during its activity.


Luxory tableware and exceptional napery, the finest crystal and prestigious table accessories, and the most graceful flower arrangements complete the image the La Dogaressa wants to maintain during your wedding day.


La Dogaressa offers the De Luxe Catering service for all kinds of events in the most exclusive historical venues such as:

Noble ancient Venetian Palazzos

Parks and Gardens in Venetian Villas

Museums and Cultural attractions

Prestigious historical hotels

Conference and Meeting Centers

Historical Residences

Traditional Boats and Yachts



La Dogaressa

Catering & banqueting

di Luigino Cassan


Cannaregio, 4690/f

30100 Venezia

tel. +39.41.2411081

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Rosa Salva Catering Service

Ermenegildo Rosa Salva and his sons Antonio and Enrico run in Venice the company that for over a century has been the symbol of the best confectionery and cooking tradition, which pioneered the service we today call catering.

Back in 1870, Andrea Rosa, who ran a trattoria called ‘Le Cassarole’, had the idea of making his kitchen ‘mobile’ to supply meals. His insight, well ahead of his times, proved a great success. Andrea was increasingly more requested outside the city, at the magnificent aristocratic villas along the Brenta river, in the Veneto region. Setting off at dawn, he reached the villas on a river barge dragged by horses.


It is the year 1879 and Antonio Rosa, called Salva, who has inherited from his father a ‘travelling trattoria’, becomes a royal home cook. It all begins in 1879 when ‘royal house chef’ and Chief Pâtissier Antonio Rosa – ahead of his times – makes his kitchen ‘mobile’ and organizes ‘home delivered meals’. Prizes and awards make him famous not only for his cuisine, but also for his confectionery services.


In the 1920s Ermenegildo Rosa Salva, Antonio’s son, improves and refines the art of confectionery. He opens new seats, runs renowned cooking schools, and is increasingly more often called to plan banquets for public and private events.


From the 1950s, Ermenegildo’s eldest son Antonio leads the company with a significant entrepreneurial drive: since then the services of the ‘prize-winning company’ are requested for the most prestigious events, not only in Venice and its surroundings, but also across Italy. In the 1970s, in order to meet the demand from the mainland, Antonio opens a workroom and the large Rosa Salva bar in Via Cappuccina Mestre.


Thanks to a structure that has become ever more flexible and adequate to meet the changing needs and tastes, today, over a hundred years later, Ermenegildo – known as Lalo – and his sons Antonio and Enrico still prepare pastries and ‘home delivered meals’ following the recipe of their great great grandfather Andrea.

The strong inclination to hospitality of a unique city as Venice, allowed Rosa Salva to consolidate its success at the highest international levels and standards. The catering and banqueting company provides rich menus up to over a thousand people for the most varied occasions. Moreover, it fits out mobile kitchens, buffets and tables, in addition to kitchenware, crockery and table linen in different styles. Over time, Rosa Salva has consolidated relationships of total trust with a selected range of suppliers who are able to integrate all aspects of the fitting out service.


The pride of Rosa Salva homemade quality and flexibility in serving all requests for taste and service originates from an experience that has been passed on and renewed over six generations. Prestigious institutions, prominent international figures and ancient families are among Rosa Salva clients. On the occasion of ceremonies, conferences and summits, as well as of the most exclusive parties in private homes, Rosa Salva Catering is in a position to serve their customers that include prestigious institutions, heads of State, prominent figures of culture, celebrities and families with an ancient tradition.


Rosa Salva meets each specific event by delivering table and buffet services with utmost care for the richness and composition of menus, the variety of food and fitting out, the creative and choreographic aspects or the elegant sobriety. The catering staff is always qualified. Rosa Salva devotes particular care to delivering an efficient, well planned and timely service for brunches, business breakfasts and coffee breaks. While keeping the quality and variety standards, Rosa Salva’menus meet said requirements.

Rosa Salva represents a high-quality homemade production that in both Confectionery and Cooking enjoys an experience backed by a long standing tradition. The culinary and confectionery arts that Rosa Salva devoted to receptions, ceremonies and special events are now consecrated by the international success in Venice and across Italy. Princes, kings and worldwide renowned personalities of the science and arts were our clients. In private homes we helped making the most important celebrations unforgettable.


Rosa Salva cuisine has now established its name at an international level. Constantly willing to take up the new challenges posed by the evolution of taste, it is often reviewed - through the combination of creativity and continuity - and adjusted to the current seasons, to regional and highest Italian tradition dishes. Rosa Salva confectionery that includes all sweets requiring flour dough is exclusively created by expert pâtissiers with ‘special’ techniques and exclusive recipes. Sweets and desserts made of leavened dough, puff pastry, biscuit dough, pasta genovese, almond, hazelnut and chestnut paste, pâte brisée (pastry crust), jam tart and egg custard desserts are some of the homemade products Rosa Salva’s pâtissiers create for their clients, private and corporates, for any ceremony and event.


Ermenegildo Rosa Salva and his sons Antonio and Enrico are the fifth generation to run the business, marking a constant trend of growth and success. The Company Ermenegildo Rosa Salva has today over 50 employees and is articulated into 3 shops and two workrooms (one in Venice and one on the mainland), where each product is prepared under the direct supervision of owners, in order to preserve and safeguard the high quality that characterizes them.




Rosa Salva Catering Service

S.Marco - Ponte Ferai 951 - 30124 Venezia

Tel: +39 041 5210544 - e-mail :




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