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There are NO RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS to marry in Italy.


Getting married in Venice requires some paperwork if you plan it to be legally binding. Catholic weddings in the Venician Churches are also legally binding in one single ceremony. Obviously all religious and civil requirements have to be done well in advance. Both Civil or Catholic weddings in Italy - unlike many other countries in the world - have to be celebrated respectively in the "Comune" premises or in authorized churches.  Eventually you can plan to have a private legally binding ceremony in the Town Hall and a symbolic one with your guests in open air, in a Palazzo or in an ancient villa or whatever place you desire.

Any Country require some little different approach to release a "nulla osta"  ( No-impediment to the marriage certificate) to let you get married in Italy, but as a general rule if the wedding is celebrated according the Italian regulation it is also valid in your native country. Some paperwork is to be accomplished before and after, and some "timing" is to be respected.

Basically both, bride and groom, have to be either single or legally divorced. By law, if the woman divorced less than 300 days before the new wedding date, a medical certificate of non pregnancy should be provided. For catholics, if one of the two had been married before with a catholic celebration too, divorce certificate is t be provided as well but only civil or symbolic wedding is possible, unless you have the "Catholic Church Annulment" (nullification) - this procedure is so long (I am talking about years) and you cannot give for granted it will be any successful, so, if this is your case, we suggest you plan either a civil or a symbolic wedding, and only if you get the annulment plan for a second, maybe private, ceremony.

If none of you is Italian banns are waived you need the Authorization issued by consular foreign Authority in Italy (consul's sign shall be legalized by the Prefecture) The legalization is not requested for the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Yugoslavia, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. Alternatively you need the authorization of a competent foreign authority confirmed by the Italian Embassy or Consulate. The authorization shall attest there are not obstacles to marriage. It also shall include the following data: name, surname, date and place of birth, residence, nationality, unmarried status, paternity and maternity, birth certificate (when maternity or paternity are not provided on authorization).

Do not worry, we can help you out with all this and send the whole paperwork to the competent authorities to have your marriage registered in your home Country. All you have to do is plan to be in Venice some days in advance... but, as we will be there releasing you from any stress, imagine them as an advanced honeymoon!!

Here are the Requirements for U.S. citizens, requirements for British citizens, requirements for Canadian citizens, requirements for Australians citizens.

o    Paperwork requirement for marriage of U.S. citizens in Italy

o    Paperwork requirement for marriage of British citizens in Italy

o    Paperwork requirement for marriage of Australian citizens in Italy

o    Paperwork requirement for marriage of Canadian citizens in Italy





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