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Our Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Italian civil wedding ceremony legally recognised in the UK.?

Yes, you have the same legal rights as if you have been married in the UK. 


Is the wedding registered in the UK?

After your wedding a copy of your wedding certificate is given to you for the registration in Great Britain.


How long to we need to be in Italy before the wedding date?

It depends on the town hall in which you are marrying but usually from 1-4 days, we strongly recommend you are in Italy for at least 2 working days before the wedding (not including the day of arrival). 


Can I get married on any day of the week? 

Yes, you can. The Town Hall fee may differ from Business day and Holidays and from Morning and Afternoon.


When can we have our wedding confirmed?

Once you let us know your preferred date and time we will check availability with the town hall and arrange this for you. Venice Registrar accepts weddings reservations from the November of the year before the wedding. We compile a waiting list so that when the reservations office announces that they are accepting bookings we can send the list in the same day.


Do you arrange church weddings? 

Yes, we do it, but in most of the Catholic Churches of Venice  you have to have your English speaking priest. For the Anglican Church, there is any problem at all, as the Parrish priest is a British citizen.


Do you arrange symbolic weddings?



Can I be married legally in an outdoor setting? 

No, it's not allowed the outdoor setting during Italian Legal Civil ceremony that can be performed only in the Town Hall premises. 


Can you arrange flowers, photography, transport and all the additional extras that we will need for the wedding?

Yes, please see the additional options in our "contact us" page .


How do we get started? 

Send us an email request and we will send you some further information.




I have recently been divorced, can I get remarried in a legal civil ceremony?  

Yes, however by Italian law for women to remarry 300 days must have passed since the date of the Decree Absolute.


How will I be able to understand what is being said at the ceremony? 

By Italian law, you must have an interpreter. This will be arranged by us for you.


Is exchanging rings part of the wedding ceremony? 

Yes, as part of the legal ceremony you need to exchange rings. If the bride or groom is not planning to have a wedding ring then they should arrange to borrow one for the day (check it fits first!)


At the ceremony when signing the Act of Marriage does the bride sign in her married or maiden name?

Her maiden name.


When will I need to pay?

We will require a deposit at the time of booking. The balance becomes due 8 weeks before you travel.


When do we get our wedding certificate? 

At the ceremony itself you will be given a decorative wedding certificate. After the ceremony the town halls issues your International wedding certificate.


How far in advance do we need to book? 

A. We recommend at least 18 weeks, this is to allow time to make all legal arrangements here in Italy and also for you and your guests to make their arrangements. If you wish to get married at shorter notice, please contact us and we will enquire about availability with all the relevant parties here in Italy. (town hall, reception, photographer, etc.)


How can we trust your services? 

We will confirm everything in detail to you in writing as soon as a verbal (or cyber!) agreement is reached about what you would like us to arrange. Once you have agreed to everything we have written will we ask for a deposit from you. We have no hidden fees, commissions or extras on top of our quote to you. The only way that the price of your wedding could change is if you change the arrangements or the number of guests invited. We will keep you updated with the progress, i.e. flowers booked, town hall booked, etc.


How long is the ceremony?

The ceremony is approximately 20 minutes long.




How do we arrange seating at the ceremony?

Generally, there are very few seats so the bride & groom and the witnesses sit at the front and the other chairs in the room are used by family however this does change from venue to venue


Can you arrange music at the ceremony?

Yes if you wish, we can arrange either a violinist or a violinist & keyboard player.


Can you arrange live music at the reception?

Yes - we work with an excellent band who have a good English repertoire. Many restaurants also require a music permit. We will advise you of costs on request.


What documents are needed and when will we get them back? 

Normally the original birth certificates, original divorce decree absolute or death certificates will be sent by registered post to you as soon as they are returned from the consulate, (usually about 3 weeks after you send them to us).


Can the bride travel back under her married name?

The bride MUST travel home using her maiden name as this is the name on her passport and flight tickets.


What about insurance? 

Ensure you have adequate travel insurance and also a specialist wedding insurance. Many companies provide this - check out several different companies to find one that is suitable for you .


When can I arrange the little details such as hairdressers, manicures and facials? I don't want to leave it until I arrive?

You can arrange it as soon as the civil ceremony date has been confirmed by the Town Hall. We know it is important to you to be able to plan ahead and we will make all reservations as soon as you advise us of your requirements. We make no charge for this service, you will pay the hairdresser or beautician directly


I already know what sort of flowers I like. Will your florist be able to arrange this for me?

Please send us any photos that you have and we will take them to our florist for you. As long as the flowers are available this will not be a problem.


How do we carry our wedding outfits to Italy?

It is not possible for wedding outfits to be carried in the aircraft cabin they need to go into the hold. Pack your outfits in a box and then place in a suitable rigid suitcase.


We would like a bar service once the meal is over. We would like our guests to pay as they go. Is this possible?

Yes, as long as we know at the time of booking the restaurant.


What sort of menu will be arranged at the wedding reception? 

We will send you sample menus for different restaurants that you are interested. Let us know if there is anything that you wish to change & we will check this with the restaurant in question. Our menus are very flexible.


How will we be able to arrange our table plan if we have never seen the restaurant?

We will be able to let you know the layout of the restaurant so you can have an idea, then you can send us your table plan and we will take it up to the restaurant for you in plenty of time. Please bear in mind that some restaurants have set seating plans, whereas others have flexible plans.


Will you be able to cater for vegetarians? 

Of course, just let us know at least a couple of weeks before the wedding and we will arrange this for you.



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