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The Floral Arrangement


Flowers have been associated with weddings since the beginning of time- for their lively, colorful beauty, their fragrance (thought in earlier times to have the ability to ward off evil, or at the very least, evil smells), or as a symbol of purity and fertility. Not only are flowers fraught with all this symbolic history, but they are the perfect, breathtakingly romantic backdrop to your nuptial celebration. Whether you select flowers for their personal significance, fragrance, color, or theme, they will provide the perfect touch to your big day. In fact, the majority of your decorating budget will most likely go toward floral arrangements.


It's possible that you already know the exact type of flowers you want at your wedding. Or perhaps you want to consider all the options available to you- and there are many. Either way, here are a few things to keep in mind as you choose your flowers.


Some flowers tire more easily than others. Consult with your florist and try to avoid those that are the quickest to wilt, especially in warm temperatures or direct sun. If you're absolutely set on these types of fragile flowers for your wedding, use them in small doses where their beauty will not fade. For the balance, select blooms with staying power, those that will outlast the final couple on the dance floor and keep looking good the following morning, especially if you're planning a morning-after brunch or a weekend wedding.


Pick a color, any color. One that coordinates, contrasts, or blends, whichever you choose. Pale pastels, brilliant jewel tones, rich, deep-hued colors, or the clean pureness of white. Coordinate with your wedding colors and theme for a breathtaking effect. And don't forget greenery, which gives a rich, lush feel without breaking your budget.


One of flower's greatest assets can also be somewhat of a liability if not thoroughly thought out. Wildly fragrant blossoms such as gardenia, jasmine, or freesia, which are absolutely lovely for bouquets, are probably not the best choice for centerpieces at the dining tables. Their scents can overwhelm if they're not used judiciously. Also, keep in mind that some strong scented flowers can stir up allergies or other reactions in your guests. In those cases, the softer, more delicately scented varieties will be a better choice.




It's best to go with flowers that are in the season, for freshness, logistics, and cost savings. If you're dead set on peonies for your wedding, plan your celebration during the six to eight week a year that peonies are available. Make sure to check the availability of other flowers that may have limited availability. While it's true that in this day and age you can probably get anything you want, It's equally true that it will cost you.


While the traditional wedding flower classics are beautiful, consider incorporating another element into the arrangements to give your own individual stamp. It can be as whimsical as a scattering of feathers, or strategically placed crystals, or as elegant as a unique satin ribbon embroidered with gold threads and pearls. Whatever flower you select, consider taking it just a step further to make them uniquely your own.


Here's a list of some popular wedding flowers and their meanings: -


 Apple blossoms - good fortune

 Bluebells - constancy

 Blue Violets - faithfulness

 Carnations - distinctions

 Forget-me-nots - true love

 Gardenias - joy

 Lilies - purity and innocence

 Lilies of the valley - happiness

 Orange blossoms - purity and fertility

 Orchids - beauty

 Roses - love

 Stephanotis - marital harmony

 Tulips - love and passion

 White daisies - innocence


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