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The Wedding Gondola  


What does exit of more enchanting and romantic of a gently riding aboard a magnificent gondola along the fascinating Venetian canals? Venice is the unique place where it may be happen and you could be there.


What a really splendid and unusual way to realize your wedding dream!


Gondolas are the symbol of Venice, a timeless  city, which is considered as one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world, with all its monuments and charming images being the best landscape for the most special of your days. Let the gondoliere take you back to the time of the Doges, and let yourself go and fall in love with this city and its splendeour.


Gondola wedding pictures  are unforgettable, with the background of the lagoon, sun, impressive buildings and unique locations.


A gondola wedding is known as the most special of wedding ceremonies. There are three different kinds of wedding gondola : the classic and traditional gondola, the wedding gondola with one gondoliere wearing the white and gold uniform and the luxory wedding gondola with gold embellishments and two gondolieres wearing white and gold uniform.


The traditional gondola must be rent by the competent zone gondolier cooperative, but the Wedding Gondolas may be hired directly by the gondolier owners that will be very proud to prepare it in the most rich and luxurious way.




In a city like Venice, the water ways have always been the most used for transports. The Gondola, for its characteristics of manoeuvrability and speed, has been, till the coming of the motorized means, the boat most suitable to the people transport. It was born as private means for people of a certain class, it was used both to move from a place to another of the city( and to go to the nearest islands), and for the pleasure of moving on the water aboard a comfortable and silent boat. In a Gondola, in fact, one could enjoy the cool in the hot summer nights, showing off one's own elegance, talking with the passengers of the near gondole, beyond doing all a series of uses (and abuses) that made this wonderful boat a private territory functioning as a house but also as a gaming-house, embassy, garconniere and more. "Gondolone da parada" in the Great Canal.


Of course not everyone could have or hire a gondola for these uses: the people, generally, got on it to make himself " ferry"from one part to the other of a canal. For this need, in fact, they were used boats with a plane bottom much similar to the "gondoloni da parada" that are used nowadays to cross the Great Canal. The famous "trip in a gondola". Still now there is a similar distinction: there are Gondole destined to the visit of the city, to the night cool, to the serenades, to the famous "trip in a gondola" ( they are called "charterage gondole", because they are , in practice, hired) and there are gondole "da parada" used for the crossing of canals, for "ferry", that is to say. The first are used generally from tourists, and, but only in some occasions (marriages, for example), even from Venetians, who are continuous boat-goers, for the practical needs of going from one part to the other of the Great Canal.


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