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The Terms and Conditions of our contract are binding and are covered by International Law. Confirmation from MDV Wedding in Venice of the booking will ONLY exist once the company receives from the client the following:

A. Deposit of Eur. 850 (non-refundable)

B. The completed booking form

C. The 50% of the costs for requested services and

D. Written confirmation only and not email of all dates and details of each element of the wedding, associated travel, accommodation, services and products, that MDV - Wedding in Venice are required to arrange or supply. This simple procedure is essential to avoid any problems or misunderstandings between the client and the company and if not followed, will result in the company taking no responsibility for any service that has not been arranged.


MDV - Wedding in Venice will confirm to the client in writing, all the prices quoted as and when the information is received and confirmed from our  Office. If clients fail to provide the necessary documentation on time or provide incorrect data or incorrect documents, a further administration fee will be applied. This fee will be based on the time spent on correcting the situation and on sending the documentation to the competent Offices - either by post or special delivery. Once clients receive the confirmation of their wedding, associated services and products, travel arrangements and accommodation, payment will be due as stipulated on the invoice. The final balance must be paid no later than 30 days before wedding or MDV Wedding in Venice reserves the right to cancel the booking and charge the client all cancellation costs.  Clients will receive full details of locations, times and contact names and numbers at this time only and at the latest one week before departure.


CANCELLATIONS - All cancellations must be received in writing by recorded delivery and not by fax, email or normal post. The cancellation is not effective until the Company receives such confirmation. In the event of a cancellation the client will forfeit the Eur. 650 deposit and the 25% of the total costs of the requested services liable for any expenses incurred on your behalf in excess of the deposit and the 25% of the above said costs which will be presented to you with an invoice. This must be taken into account, as there are many different bodies who are involved in arranging this service and payment takes place as soon as the deposit is received and the booking confirmed. If a cancellation is made during the 30 days period prior to the wedding date then the client may be liable for the entire cost of the booking no matter what the reason for the cancellation. As an act of goodwill, MDV Wedding in Venice will endeavour to recoup the charges from the principal suppliers on behalf of the client but cannot guarantee that any of the charges will be retrieved. You are strongly advised therefore to take out adequate insurance to cover against any cancellation charges prior to confirming your booking.


PRICE - All of our weddings in Italy are tailor-made to the client's specific requests, therefore all the prices relevant to your specific request will be confirmed in writing to you at every point. The Company has the right to revise all prices should this prove necessary for example in the mid year period some town halls increase their fee, every end of year period the fee is increased and so on. We will keep you informed of any increases or changes as the booking progresses.


BOOKING AMENDMENT - All your requirements must be clearly stated in writing. All changes or additions to your requirements must also be confirmed in writing. If your booking is continually changing, for example you ask us to confirm and then want us to change the confirmation, an amendment fee will be applied which will range from a minimum of Eur. 200 per amendment. Please note that no amendment can be made during the 30 days period prior to departure without forfeiting the cost of any booked service that the amendment may be replacing. No refund will be made for services booked but not used. It is essential that all of your specific requirements, details and amendments are lodged with MDV - Wedding in Venice in written format at all stages to avoid any misunderstandings.


VARIATION AND CANCELLATION - In the event of the Company cancelling, materially altering an arrangement (other than by reason of the fault of the client), the client will be offered one of the following: - A full and final refund of all the monies paid, or the transfer of the booking to another arrangement. No other choices will be available. We will not accept responsibility or provide a full refund if cancellation is caused by a) Reasons of force majeure e.g. weather, natural disaster, strikes, riot, war, terrorist, civil commotion, floods and Act of God b) If clients forget their passports or visa c) Arrive at the airport late or for any other reasons d) If clients have provided the incorrect documentation or have provided false representation of their person.


CLAIMS - With most of our weddings, there will be an assistant/interpreter who will be supervising the procedures, our priests and celebrants are also our supervisors, as are our musicians and photographers. There will always be a presence at the wedding ceremony but we try at all levels to just fit in with the surroundings and not impose on your wedding. If there should be any problems, it is a legal requirement for the client to inform the supervisor/interpreter and/or other parties who are present at the wedding, allowing them to rectify any problems immediately. We will try at all times to assist in correcting the error and will rectify the situation on site. If we fail to do so, we will then make alternative arrangements for you. We will not accept responsibility on your return, if you have not lodged any complaint while in Italy.  It is important to take into consideration that all the timings we provide you are approximate times. We try to make your day as stress-free as possible and if we show any negligence, please let us know within 7 working days from the end of the wedding so that we can confirm the details with our ground handlers. We will not be held accountable or responsible for the photographic work of photographers/video cameramen as these are people that have been supplied to you based on their own professional standing. We cannot be held responsible for photographic content or creative input based on your specific likes or dislikes but we will ensure that the finished product reaches you safely and at the discretion of the company, be of an acceptable quality. We also advise all our clients to take out adequate wedding insurance at all times.


MISREPRESENTATIONS - The Company has taken all reasonable care in checking facilities and describing such facilities. Any representations are made in good faith, but the company cannot accept responsibility in respect of misrepresentations occurring because there have been changes in facilities unknown to the company or because incorrect information has been given to the company. Most of the weddings take place in old historical buildings and this must be taken into account - on rare occasions, building facades or interiors may be subject to unscheduled but necessary emergency repair or restoration works. Works of art can also be subject to similar attention and on occasion even be removed for such work without prior public notice. We will try to keep you fully informed of any scheduled disruptions that are brought to our attention but on occasions this may be out of our control.


PAYMENTS -  It is essential that you follow our Terms and Conditions and abide by them at all times as this may affect your claim. All cheques and payments should be made payable to: MDV - WEDDING IN VENICE  - We accept the following payments - Cheques, bank transferred money and cash only. We will ask for a credit card as guarantee but all bookings must be received by cheque or by cash. For cheques - a period of 10 working days must be allowed as clearing time for cheques. For bookings made less than 10 days before departure, we will only accept Building Society cheques, bank transfers, bank drafts, and cash only.



























  MDV - Wedding in Venice : Monica Da Venezia, Chief Wedding Planner.

                                       Main Office :  Via A. Da Corona, 1/L - 31100 / Treviso - ITALY

                                       Venice Unit :  Castello 3668 -  30123 / Venice - ITALY

                                       Email :

                                       Tel. +39 0422 433553  / mob. +39 349 8043761   /  fax +39 02 700512203

                                       P.I. (V.A.T. Number ) 03962830265




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