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When planning please consider the following: How many people will be attending your wedding? How many of them will be children? How many of them will be babies? Are there any allergies we should know about? Are there any vegetarians and if so are they strict vegetarians or can they eat chicken or fish.


Whether it's fingerfood and champagne, a romantic candlelit dinner for two, a small-personalized wedding reception for you an your guests,  we can arrange it for you. Italy  boasts some of the world's most sensational cuisine so please just let us know if there is something special you would like to try while you are here. A personalized wedding cake can also be arranged here. We can offer you the best solution in every circumstance.


We can help you select the most elegant Italian menu, to a traditional Venician feast for your special event. We co-operate with many catering companies and also wonderful private chefs who can create a degustation experience that you and your guests will always remember.


We invest our time to assist you in hand selecting your complete menu, down to the last detail and can make many suggestions based on your indiviual preferences, of course advising you on the best seasonal selection of fresh produce.

One example of our exquisite wedding menue selections :


Tropical juice

Italian ‘Prosecco’ Flute

Cocktail Bellini

Mineral water


Bread appetizer with ‘caviale’

Prawns and kiwi

Pastries with vegetarian sauce

Cold cuts: ‘mortadella’

Hot Rolls with cheese and apples, salmon, Mediterranean vegetables

Zucchini, aubergine , onions rings and sage fried


Tomatoes with tuna mousse

Cold cuts: ‘coppa piacentina’, ‘speck tirolese’, ‘salame felino’

Italian and French cheese with nuts honey

Mixed salad with prawns ‘rucola’, mushrooms and celery

Quiches with sparrow grass

Garganelli’ pasta with vegetarian ‘ragù’ and basil

  Small rice ‘ arancini’ with saffron spice and mozzarella cheese

Risotto with ‘radicchio’ salad and ‘crescenza’ cheese


Barbeque: roasting meat, small squid, sausages and ‘luganega’ sausage , beef fillet, chicken

  ‘Panettone gastronomico’ with sea food and vegetables


Grined vegetables: zucchini, aubergine , carrots, radicchio salad


Fruit pastries, Chocolate pastries , glazed fruits, pine-apple


Wedding cake

Torta Chantilly: Spongecake, Chantilly cream, white chocolate scales over the cake . This is a very light cake, perfect when accompanying a heavier meal.


Coffee and Open Bar


Wine D.o.c from ‘Villa Margherita’, Champagne e Moscato selection


















Restaurant Do Leoni at Londra Palace Hotel

Situated on the waterfront of the Riva degli Schiavoni and only a few minutes walk from St Mark’s Square, this elegant little restaurant overlooks the lagoon and the Island of San Giorgio. But the most outstanding features are the views… The Do Leoni Restaurant is one of the few location in Venice where all the dining of the rooms boast wonderful, romantic views of the lagoon (deluxe rooms and junior suites). The hotel’s ‘Do Leone’ restaurant on the promenade offers Venetian as well as international cuisine and is the perfect place to unwind after an exhausting days’ sightseeing in this amazing city.

A wall of windows overlooking the lagoon and the island of San Giorgio makes this the hotel of choice for soaking up that extraordinary lagoon view -- sweeping all the way from the Salute to the Lido. The restaurant is all glass, light, and water views.

In the year 1860, there was great excitement in Venice for the opening of a new Hotel Palace on Riva degli Schiavoni, just a few steps from Piazza San Marco. It had been designed by Fuin, a famous Venetian engineer of the period. In the year 1900, the hotel merged with a next door property and which eventually became the enchanting Hotel Londra Palace. In March 1999, the Hotel Londra Palace finished restoration in its common areas and facade, from the lobby to the restaurant - a project that began in 1992 and at a cost eight million dollars. The first phase of the job was to turn the 73 rooms into 53, adding more comfort and placing marble in the bathrooms. Having one hundred windows looking out onto the Grand Canal, the hotel's guestrooms are spacious and luminous, having authentic furniture of XIXth century style, period paintings and original materials. Each room, uniquely designed, grants to each guest the pleasure of an exclusive yet tasteful sumptuousness. The Standard rooms have city views; the Deluxe rooms enjoy views on the lagoon and on the island of San Giorgio; and the Junior Suites, which are more spacious, offer views on the basin of San Marco and the Palladian church of San Giorgio. As for the hotel's renowned Do Leoni Restaurant, a typical Venetian dinner becomes the conduit for an enchanting evening - Chef Loris and his staff are already at work preparing a delightful dinner just for you. Venice 4 Star, Luxury First Class Hotel.

The view must have been pleasing to Tchaikovsky, whte the first three movements of his fourth symphony in the Hotel's room 106. He nicknamed his work do leoni, the lions symbolizing London and Venice. Immediately outside the Hotel is an equestrian statue of Vittorio Emanuele the Second, first king of a unified Italy, supported by stone lions. Neoclassical public rooms, with splashes of blue-and-green glass suggesting the sea, play nicely off guest rooms, which have fine fabric, damask drapes, Biedermeier furniture, and Venetian glass.

The Hotel's ristorante Do Leoni serves sophisticated venetian cuisine in a handsome room with a stone-mosaic floor and a wall of windows overlooking the lagoon. The outdoor waterfront terrace is popular in summer, and the expertly mixed house cocktails are well worth sampling.

Some very interesting videos regarding the Do Leoni Restaurant and the Londra Palace Hotel  are linked here below :







Cafè Quadri Restaurant
Choosing the Quadri signifies savouring the fascination and elegance of the only restaurant in St. Mark's Square and discovering the vitality of Venetian life from the tables of its Café under the 13th century porticos. The colours, tastes and cosmopolitanism of the old Venetian Republic have been captured for centuries in Gran Caffè Ristorante Quadri, a crossroads since the end of the 18th century until present between the destinies of Venetians and personalities sojourning in this extraordinary city. Dreams sometimes come true and at the Quadri, as you sip a cocktail to the background music of its orchestra and the chimes of St. Mark’s bells, you can admire the sight of the most beautiful setting that human genius ever built. The Quadri is a Café and restaurant of refined culinary pleasures with a tradition of graciously welcoming those international and Venetian customers seeking quality cuisine and service. Gran Caffè Ristorante Quadri is one of the few restaurants in the world that can boast the enduring charm of being unchanged despite the passing of ages and fashions. So it is today that, as you sit in these rooms worthy of an aristocratic residence, looking out onto the Square, you still feel the atmosphere of those first cafés that changed the social habits of Europeans between the twilight of the Venetian Republic and the dawn of the modern age.

The ground floor rooms, with their distinctive stucco decorated in pastel shades of light green and yellow, were the natural backdrop for the splendid paintings by Giuseppe Ponga. His scenes of Venice followed the fashion of the time, while his scenes of daily life in the manner of Pietro Longhi adopted a truly personal style although also reminiscent - especially in the use of bright colours - of the great Tiepolo.

Two centuries later the entire world has changed but not Venice, the Quadri and the pleasure of meeting in an elegant, fashionable setting. The Quadri is a way of feeling truly part of the city, attracting as frequent visitors in bygone eras the likes of Stendhal, Lord Byron, Alexandre Dumas, Wagner and Marcel Proust and in more recent times Gorbaciov, Mitterand, Woody Allen and many actors from the Venice Film Festival along with the "beautiful people" that for centuries have chosen to meet in this eternally fashionable spot.

Since 1775 Ristorante Quadri has symbolised the highest standards in the finest Venetian tradition. The suggestive outlook onto St. Mark's Square makes Ristorante Quadri a must for anyone visiting Venice and wishing to experience the full fascination of this symbolic location. The luxurious furnishings, immaculate service, and cosy but elegant ambience all contribute to making the Ristorante Quadri a unique and exclusive place in Venice, perfect for special occasions. The refined cuisine, featuring only fresh products, is prepared with a skill by the chefs that brings joy to even the most expert palates.

Ristorante Quadri offers a refined cuisine using only seasonal produce, combining the ingenious inventiveness of great chefs with Venetian tradition. The result is a blend of classic flavours and natural products like baked ice cream, a traditional Quadri recipe consisting of amaretto mousse and almonds, topped with lightly baked meringue, the favourite dessert of its most devoted customers. The irresistible pleasure of visiting the Quadri changes over the year. Following the seasons and the city's cultural and society events, it offers an experience with ever changing accents.

During the periods of the Biennial, with its annual alternation of Visual Arts and Architecture, and during the Film Festival, the Quadri becomes the preferred haunt of artists, architects, writers, actors and journalists, while throughout the year the Caffè regularly hosts cultural events and exhibitions. The Quadri's versatility allows it to combine tradition and historic ambience with modern living, offering on its first floor the romantic emotions of an exclusive evening in the restaurant overlooking the Square, and on the ground floor the indiscrete charm of a coffee or snack while watching Venice's comings and goings from its windows.


















Restaurant All'Angelo - the  Art Couisine


Hotel All'Angelo erected in the seventeenth century, was unveiled 1924 and now owned by the Carrain Family.

Right from the start the hotel and its restaurants have played a leading role in the life of numerous Italian and foreign artists, who used it as their meeting place to discuss art and literature. Even today there is a taste of art in the hallway and in the restaurant where there are original paintings by Matisse, Mirò, Guttuso, Braque, Santomaso, Vedova and many other artists from the 900's.


In his 20st century inn, many artists of the modern painting of the new art philosophy named Fronte Nuovo, which was born in these rooms in the 50s with the name of Fronte Nuovo, fixed their cultural meetings in this elegant restaurant of Venice, leaving to the owner many works of art, displayed on the walls among beautiful paintings of great contemporary masters. An evening here is an invitation to exercise all of your senses. The palate is captivated by the sublime tastes of dishes that reach perfection while the sight is fascinated by the masterpieces hanging in the room composing a rare decor. A well-known International art critic, found the right words to express this sensational (in the true meaning of the word) experience. For him, the tuna tartare with caviar is like a trace of bitterness on a silk scarf, and the artichoke soup evokes a nymph on the bank of a brook. The cube of sautéed foie gras compares to a big grey cat on a red velvet cushion. The blood orange sorbet with its fine slices of oranges shines like a joyous melody filled with sunshine and a spring caress. A cuisine that can conjure such pretty metaphors is worthy of the highest rating.


The 1988 saw the last large scale reorganization of the hotel that has brought about radical change. The renovation work has restored the six hundreds style to the building and the structural work has brought about great improvement combined with up to date technology within European standards. The recent re-structural work has enabled an expert decorator to restore the precious beam work of the ceilings dating back from the 600's.

The facade overlooks the brook that leads to the Doges Palace, located in the heart of the city near the best shops, museums, and full of charm right behind St Mark's square that can be reachable easily walking without crossing any bridge.

The private landing gives the opportunity to arrive directly in the Restaurant -  All’Angelo with private water taxi even going through the Bridge of Sighs.


HK Restaurant - A Restaurant inside the Restaurant

The modernity has brought a new breath of innovation with the H&K : not only a Restaurant or a bar but a new refined cosy place based on a concept of hospitality. Here guests can enjoy special cocktails or a high quality glass of wine chosen from our precious list that can be perfectly combined with our specialities cooked flambé prepared by our professional maitre. Even late at night it is possible to spend some time here getting a drink in a relaxing atmosphere.






Restaurant Poste Vecie

The Restaurant Poste Vecie exists since 1500, it is the most ancient Venetian restaurant where in origin  the frantic activities of postal services of the Serenissima Republic were developed. In the inside, the atmosphere of the epoch is maintained thanks to the restauration of the two Venetian typical room, very intimate and embellished by two fireplaces of the '500, still today perfectly working, which, with their decorations, brings the client in the ancient Venetian world . Around 1800 the place became a bacaro (meaning "wine bar" in Venetian dialect) and an exclusive club where the people in sight of that epoch met to discuss about art or politics accompanying their debates with good glasses of wine and tasting of fresh fish coming from the near fisher market of Rialto. Here the painters of Venice (among which also Cherubini) wanted to give to the place their tangible demonstration of their art with frescos representig the seven capital vices that are today still well preserved, doing so an enchanting artistic frame of the walls of the dining rooms. In the beginnings of the XIX century the place was transformed into restaurant and bacaro, however remaining a meeting point for the dealers and the inhabitants of the Rialto zone, so faithful and ever present clients that everybody were together represented in the great and descriptive fresco of the principal room, further demonstration of the unicity of the restaurant.

The restaurant Poste Vecie", very close to the Bridge of Rialto, proposes to its demanding clientele the typical dishi es of the Venetian cuisine. This unic and refined local can entertain more than eighty places hosted by two intimate dining-rooms and by a characteristic garden in the inner "court" . In a historical, exclusive and pleasant environment, the kitchen is the further confirmation for the best expectations of the lovers of the recipes of see food. Thanks to the the sincere availability and the true cordiality of Mimmo, from many years priceless manager of the place, as well as to the nostalgic atmosphere of the glorious past, this restaurant remains destination unrenounceable for the careful tourist visiting t the marvelous city of Venice . The Mediterranean simple kitchen is the insignia of this delicious restaurant. First and second courses are almost all fish or selected meat, ingredients choisen with care to valorize the goodness of the recipes.

 The Restaurant Poste Vecie offers advantageous prices to the clients of the MDV, with nuptial menùes , varying from €65 to €120, according to the courses and of the typology of the dishes.











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